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Victory Equip : Ephesians 4:11 So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, 12 to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up. We believe that God’s church is a people of transformation. A people who are continually taking one step closer to Christ. Not satisfied with where they were yesterday, and where they find themselves today, but always pressing forward, becoming more Christ-like everyday.

As part of our commitment to build up the church according to Eph 4:11, we offer Topical Small Group Bible Studies on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. Topics in our Equip classes include, Parenting, Marriage, Discipleship, Women’s and Men’s Bible Studies, How to Receive Physical Healing, The Holy Spirit and much more. You can view and register for the upcoming classes below. Child and student care is provided for nursery through 12th grade. There will be no regular Wednesday night services during this time. This is currently for the summer classes starting June 21st.

danny sanders

Equip Class: Victory Men (6 weeks)

Leader: Danny Sanders
We will be going through a men’s Bible study called 33 Authentic Manhood.
God created man to work, and His Word instructs men on how to engage and enjoy work, and 33 The Series.

A Man and His Work is a six-session Bible study that provides insight into some of the ways men can find both their best fit and fulfillment in work. The study acknowledges the tensions and obstacles that men face in their work-lives and helps them move beyond the frustrations and dead ends.

300x300 VK Ladies

Equip Class: Victory Ladies (6 weeks)

Leader: Velda Bates
We would like to invite you to our next Victory Ladies Equip Class. The topic will be “Twelve Women of the Bible”. It involves life-changing stories that apply to women for today. The group will discover new insights and be challenged, encouraged, and empowered to face trials in your own life by drawing nearer to God.

Each week is a new lady, a new topic, a different presenter and different “in person” leader for that session. This gives you the opportunity to hear from and get to know many different women. This is great group to attend if you have to miss a week or so for vacation.

300x300 Crawford

Equip Class: Growing Deeper (6 weeks)

Leader: Ronnie and Ashley Crawford
The small group is geared towards people wanting to grow in their relationship with God. We will be using the DVD small Group Study called “Not A Fan”. A fan is an enthusiastic admirer. In the Gospels, Jesus never seemed too interested in fans.

Is that how you define your relationship with Him? An “enthusiastic admirer”? Close enough to Jesus to get the benefits but not so close to require sacrifice? He was looking for followers. Not just any follower though, but a… COMPLETELY. COMMITTED. FOLLOWER.How would things change if you lived as Jesus lived, and loved the way He loved?

300x300 Lizann v Acea

Equip Class: Health and Wellness (6 Weeks)

Leaders: Lizanne Buell and Acea Pickens.
In this 6 week class, you will hear from Registered Nurse, Lizanne Buell and Fitness Instructor, Acea Pickens on the topics of health, healing and nutrition.

This small group will focus on God’s plan for your health. This class will follow along each week with a book on the topic of healing and will gain biblical insight into heath and wellness.

thomas and nicole

Equip Class: Creating a Christ Centered Family (4 weeks)

Leader: Thomas and Nicole Baird
This Equip class will focus on building, strengthening and shaping your family life into what God intended it to be. You will learn how to create a plan and take action within your family, focus on what is most important; put into practice scriptural truth; remain constant in the pursuit of your family; be intentional as a parent in prayer; and stand up as the backbone of your family. The video based curriculum will have a lesson and study material for each week.